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Beer Dispensing Systems Designed For Growlers

Integrated Dispense Systems’ Revolutionary design, efficiently fills a perfect 32 & 64 ounce growler with precision and accuracy in under 20 seconds. S-Tap growler filler, as with all S-Tap products, is driven by a computer operating system. Our bottom fill technology will fill any type of growler, without any process, purging, or messy tubes and hoses.

S-Tap Growler Filler dispense systems provide Speed, to drive incremental sales, Control, which allows for 100% keg yields, Data Collection, with its on board computer, retrieves real time data, temperature, pressure, flow rate, volume, with any smart device.

With S-Tap Growler Filler, you can pour up to 12 products form one nozzle, utilizing our unique manifold system and is simple to use with no learning curve.

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Contact Integrated Dispense Systems today and start pouring the perfect beer while managing your bottom line.
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