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S-Tap Beer Draught Dispensing System


How do I interact with the S-Tap or Beermonserver to modify its parameters or view consumption data?

The S-Tap will be connected to your local area network (LAN) via Ethernet or Wifi. With any browser on any device (Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone) connected to the same network, you can open the S-Tap Web Interface.

Can S-Tap or Beermonserver still work if not connected to a network?

Yes they will still work and data will be saved. But to access this information or make any modification, they will need to be connected to a network.

Can the S-Tap be retrofitted to an existing installation?

Yes, as long as an additional pneumatic gas line is supplied to the tower and an Electronic Fob or regular mechanical Fob is present in the keg room. Also any flow restriction present in the standard beer tower can be removed to achieve higher dispense speeds.

How many S-Tap nozzles can an S-Tap control board manage?

The S-Tap control board can manage up to 4 nozzles in any single, dual or 4 way configuration, as long as the distance between the control board and the farthest nozzle is less than 1.5mt (5’).

How many traditional taps can a Beermonserver control board monitor?

The Beermonserver control board can monitor up to 6 traditional taps as long as the distance between the control board and the farthest tap is less than 1.5mt (5’).

How many cup sizes can I pre-program with the S-Tap?

2 Sizes can be pre-programmed. A manual pour button allows to pour any amount.

Do I need to keep the switch lever pressed while dispensing with the S-Tap?

No, the switch lever only needs to be triggered once. The electronic system will stop the pour when the selected size is reached.

How can I achieve such high keg yields with the S-Tap?

Dispensing mistakes are reduced to a minimum due to the ease of pouring. No learning curve needed. Quantity is always accurate to within 1%.
The presence of an Electronic Fob in the keg room allows for little to no wastage during keg change operations.
On board sensors quickly reveal problems with dispense system, preventing potential causes of additional wastage.

How fast can the S-Tap dispense?

Nominal dispense rate is 4oz/sec or 7lt/min.

Does S-Tap need a specific type of cup?

S-Tap, contrary to some other dispense systems, works with standard plastic cup or beer glass of any shape.

How can I clean the beer lines of an S-Tap?

Any cleaning product currently used for standard beer lines will be fine with the S-Tap.

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