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S-Tap Beer Draught Dispensing System


Monitoring Platform for Beverage Draft Installations

The S-Guard is a monitoring platform for any beer draft installations. It constantly monitors critical parameters of a beverage installation and immediately warns via email when one of these parameters is out of a preset range.

This is a proactive approach to maintenance calls, that allows to properly manage in a timely matter what could eventually become a catastrophic situation that can generate costly downtimes.

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By installing this system in any beer dispense installation, your organization will be the First To Know:

✓ When the cold room temperature is not set at proper temperature

✓ When the most consumed beer kegs are not managed properly and connected at an improper temperature

✓ When the ambient temperature is too high to allow proper operation of refrigeration units

✓ When the recirculating glycol temperature does not guarantee proper beer temperature

✓ When the bulk, beer or air compressor pressures fall below correct operational values

✓ When the recirculation glycol pumps are losing their efficiency

Through a simple Management Interface, the installer can set all needed parameters, from: name of location, email settings (recipients of warnings) to temperature, pressure and glycol flowrate thresholds, calibrate temperature sensors and enable and disable emails.

S-Guard Features & Benefits
S-Guard Manager (Web App)

Through a Query page, users can select a range of dates to view all activity. The information can be viewed directly on a smart device or a file can be downloaded in an excel format. The data is saved internally and available for at least 3 months. This data can be valuable especially when needed to justify a technical call.

Live View Data

A real time Live Data page allows to view all parameters and aid during installation for proper glycol/cooling dimensioning. Color codes indicate status of sensor.

The S-Guard can be connected to the internet via an ethernet port to the router. Should a router not be available the unit can be connected via Wireless networks (GSM).

Be the First to Know!

Every email will contain the location of the unit, along with specific warning or restored information and a comprehensive graph chart of the specific sensor. This will give instant quantitative and qualitative information about the fault for quick diagnosis. So, make sure you are the First To Know!

Contact Integrated Dispense Systems today and start pouring the perfect beer while managing your bottom line.
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