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S-Tap Beer Draught Dispensing System


High-Speed, High-Yield Draught Beer Dispensing for Stadiums, Arenas and Events

IDS provides high-speed beer dispensing systems to meet the demands of the largest venues. Our easy to use draught beer dispensing systems are engineered to provide incremental sales and better quality product in high-demand environments. The system sensors will keep your products flowing and the crowds happy.
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Features and Benefits:

Greater dispense speed means more sales

  • Up to 4oz/sec or 7lt/min

Up to 50% incremental sales

  • Standard beer dispense speeds are about 3.5lt/min. Half of S-Tap


Single hand lever activation

  • Most of standard beer dispense taps require a 2-hand operation


Greatly reduced labor costs by up to 60%.

  • This is achieved by combining greater dispense speed with single hand operation.


No learning curve

  • Contrary to standard beer dispense systems, S-Tap will take full control of the pouring for you


Eliminate pre-pouring

  • With standard beer systems, pre-pouring is often necessary, while sacrificing dispense quality.

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