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S-Tap Beer Draught Dispensing System


Beer Dispense Management System and Beer Inventory Control Solution Developed to Increase Efficiency and Profits.

The BeerMonServer, by IDS, is designed to provide the necessary data reports to ensure your dispensing operations are running smoothly. Among many other functions, it determines the difference between the poured quantity and the cup size served. This data can be used as a parameter of a bartenders performance. The unit can be installed under the bar counter near the dispense points or outside the keg room and can be connected to a maximum of 6 sensor modules, each having a flow meter sensor and a temperature sensor. The web-server is connected to a local network via internet or Wi-Fi.

The BeerMonServer settings allow you to:

✓ Set user login credentials for safety purposes

✓ Set brand names dispensed

✓ Set unit of measure

✓ Set opening and closing times

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BeerMonServer Features & Benefits

Available Data Integration Features Include:

✓ Time of dispense

✓ Measure of volume being dispensed per cup

✓ Flow rate per dispense

✓ Beer temperature per cup

✓ Daily quantity served

✓ Variance log

✓ Notices and warnings

✓ Excel file download from database

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